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As with any flooring be it carpet, laminate or linoleum, a high-performance floor coating (epoxy, polyaspartic, polyurea, MMA or urethane) requires some maintenance as well in order for it to perform as expected.

It is important to keep the floor clean through sweeping and mopping the floor on a regular basis based on traffic patterns. If a machine scrubber is used It is suggested to use nonā€abrasive scrubbing pads (red pads) and scrub at a low speed on the machine. A dirty floor can greatly decrease the lifespan / appearance of a floor as dirt on the surface of the floor increases friction and wear. It should be noted that it is recommended to wait 3 days after the installation of floor before initial cleaning.
The key to maintaining a brilliant looking floor is to not only mop / auto scrub the floor but to follow up with a good rinsing of the floor with clean water.
Use clean warm water and add a gentle detergent. Xtreme Clean Super Concentrate Cleaner is the cleaning product we recommend for best results on coated or polished concrete floors. It is a neutral PH cleaner that does a fantastic job. Xtreme Clean Super Concentrate Cleaner comes in gallon sizes with a pre-measured pump for easy filling of mop buckets, or scrubbers. It is also available in bulk.

Summit Coating’s floor coating systems are high in chemical resistance, but always use caution when introducing new cleaners to the floor. It is suggested to test a small, inconspicuous area of the floor to ensure that the cleaner will not harm the surface. It is strongly recommended that if something is spilled on the floor that these spills be wiped up quickly as some liquids if left for a period of time may etch into the finish and discolor or dull the finish. Please consult the chemical resistance charts prior to use.

To maintain the appearance and lifespan of your new floor coatings it is highly recommended to place felt pads or something similar under any tables, chairs, or other items that may have metal or hard plastic legs. Do not drag anything with sharp edges across floor.